In the Spotlight

“The Other Side”  September 2016

“Starlite Players just keep getting better and better. I keep seeing actors that I have heard about but not seen, or only seen in nondescript ensemble performances and get to experience talents I had no idea they possessed. Feel free to just fill in some of the fine adjectives I have used before about this company, they continue to earn them. Tickets are a bargain at $17.50, treat yourself to a fun night soon.” —Bill Oser, Talkin’ Broadway



Remembering the Theatre Season That Was

“The Starlite Players deserves special mention. This group, led by Producing Artistic Director Jo Morello, which operates on a shoestring (if they could only afford a new pair), has given me so much pleasure during their first year and sliding into their second. The third weekend of every month they produce a program of several short comedies and draw from the pool of some of our best community theatre actors. Over the course of the first year, they have learned to find better plays and to group them into more cohesive themes.”—Bill Oser, Talkin’ Broadway, Season’s Review, September 2016


“Social Savvy”   August 2016

“I have made it no secret that I enjoy The Starlite Players. I am pleased that it gives these local performers a different sort of space to work in and a chance to stretch. For anyone who has not sampled The Starlite Players, please let me urger you to do so, as their productions are always lots of fun.” —Bill Oser, Talkin‘ Broadway


“Mind Games,” May 2016

“Sketch comedy is not for wimps. It’s either funny or it isn’t. There are no musical numbers, detective stories, convoluted biographies, character studies or plot twists to fall back on. There are, of course, “Mind Games”—and that’s the point of The Starlite Players latest anthology. The four featured sketches explore different gambits that play with your mind. They’re short, sweet and funny — and they’re much better for your mind than watching TV.”

—Marty Fugate, Longboat Observer


“The Customer Is Always Right,” July 2015

“The bits are consistently funny, with snappy, well-written dialog reflecting the minds who wrote them. As Shakespeare reminds us, ‘Brevity is the soul of wit.’ It takes a lot of wit to say what you have to say, shut up and leave ’em laughing. The Starlite Players are a witty troupe indeed.”

—Marty Fugate, Longboat Observer

“ …  performances were lively and laughter came often….”  —Bill Oser, Talkin ‘ Broadway


“This Isn’t What I Expected,” August 2015

“'Talkback' by Jo Morello made a hilarious end piece. … As the title of the program suggests, the unexpected was a smash hit. Tim Guerrieri’s direction matched the super intelligence of the script. A major 20-minute piece!”—Marie Kilker,

“Starlite plays offer surprise twists ….”—Kim Cool, Venice Gondolier

“Saturday’s audience laughed frequently….”— Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"It is always exciting to the theatre community and to the community at large when a new performing group emerges on the scene … the results were a positive theatrical experience … fine directing and competent acting were the hallmark." — Irene Herman, Family Beautiful

“The Starlite Players played to sold out houses all weekend, making them and Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe the two hottest tickets in town. Congratulations to The Starlite Players for how far they have come in just over a year and how consistent they are month to month.”

—William S. Oser

Talkin’ Broadway, October 2016


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