Love, Actually

Four comedies laugh at love at first sight ...

...second sight, hindsight, and out of sight!

Assisted Loving

by Jack Gilhooley, Sarasota

One-Night Stan

by Adam Szudrich, Australia

Hermione (Andrea Dovner) chose Arbor Manor as a retirement home for her mother Rosalind (Jan Wallace), a retired professor and Shakespeare scholar--but nary a tree was in sight when she visited what is really Ardor Manor, where Rosalind shares a room with another resident, Benny (Neil Levine), while blasé receptionist Doris (Ana Maria Larson) keeps track of room swaps among residents. World premiere production.

Director: Mark Woodland

Three very different women--20-something Rachel (Ariella Pizarro), 30-something Holly (Liz Pascoe) and 40-something Marie (Jennifer Barnekow)--date the same man, with three very different results. World premiere.

Director: Mike Lusk

Mrs. Jansen Isn’t Here Now

by Steven Korbar

It’s Only a Minute a Guy

by John Franceschini

Jaded, sloshed Mary Margaret (Liz Pascoe) is completely uninterested in Chris (Joseph Mammina), a man she meets at a singles bar—until she discovers he’s recently left the priesthood. (Included in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2010.)

Director: Garry Allan Breul

A recently divorced woman (Sandra Musicante) needs to get back in circulation and attends a one-minute speed dating event at a bar. Disillusioned after meeting five bizarre “dates” (all played by Alan Kitty), she starts to leave but decides to stay after a surprise she could never have imagined. (“Audience favorite”; previous productions: CA, IL, KY, MD, MT, NY, VA, WA)

Director: Jan Wallace

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