The Other Side

Four short comedies make a funny foray toward the unknown


by Scott Mullen

Matt wakes up surprised to find himself in the afterlife. Penny, another newcomer, undergoes the same experience. The jaded clerk tells them the new rules, which don't involve love—but the young man and woman may have found a way.

Director: David Nields

The Virgin Abduction

by Ron Frankel

A burglar who can’t find a suitable house to burgle spots a young man sitting by a pool and decides to abduct him instead. The bemused victim thinks it’s all a prank, especially when he discovers that his inept kidnapper hasn’t even left a ransom note.

Director: Ross Boehringer

Happily Departed

by Helen Valenta

When visiting his son’s family in Indianapolis, Marek, 80, collapses. His daughter-in-law asks, “Do you think you might be getting up soon? I should probably vacuum.” His son calls for medical help from his neighbor, a podiatrist, while his opportunistic grandson, 16, plays all the angles. They wonder if he’s dying while Marek just wonders when he can get back to his bridge game in sunny Boynton Beach.

Director: Helen Holliday

The Day That Brando Died

by  Lawrence DuKore

It’s July 3, 2004, and Marlon Brando’s death has just been announced. Two old friends discuss the event before their weekly tennis game, never expecting to find that in their long-ago youth, each had been in love with the same woman--but with vastly different results.

Director: Jeff Dillon


Sept 22, 23. 24

7:30 pm

Sept 25

6:30 pm



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