Social Savvy

Four short comedies about the ways people behave in unusual social situations

August 18, 19. 20

7:30 pm

August 21

6:30 pm



Mark My Worms

by Cary Pepper

(author of Starlite’s June production of “Gram Scams”)

“I’ve got a bun. … Come out or I’ll hoot.” Mason and Gloria have been cast in a never-before-seen play by the world-class absurdist LaSalle Montclare, but they must perform the play exactly as written— typos and all. Was Montclare  the brilliant satirist his legacy claims? Or just a lousy typist? (Previous production: St. Louis Actors' Studio's 2016 LaBute New Theater Festival.)

Director: David Nields


by George Sapio

Members of an advertising agency are troubled when one of their team proposes a new development idea, a Biblical/Christian-themed putt-putt (miniature golf) course. (Previous production: as part of “Six,” a showcase of short works by George Sapio, Ithaca, NY, 2015.)

Director: Louise Stinespring

Man in the Basement

by Arlene Hutton

A suburban wife contacts her sister and husband upon discovering that a homeless man has been living in her basement. (Previous productions: The Journey Company, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in “The Price You Pay: An Evening of Short Plays by Arlene Hutton”; the University of Kentucky; and a studio production, “Short Stuff: Five Plays by Women,” the Barrow Group, NYC. Hutton, author of “The Nibroc Trilogy” among other plays, is known as Beth Lincks to her friends in the Tampa Bay area, where she grew up and attended schools. She holds an MFA from the Asolo/FSU Conservatory.)

Director: Cory Boyas

Galoshes (Unprodigal Son)

by Robert Brophy

Divorced Martin is old enough to know what he wants but his very Catholic, very controlling mother has her own ideas. One of them, sadly, is that he can best protect himself by never going out without wearing galoshes. (Premiere production)

Director: Cory Boyas


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